Is cinema facing a digital dark age?

As theatres go digital, how will future generations of movie-goers experience true 35mm film presentation?

Music and silent film: enduring allies

Although bereft of dialogue, silent films were never entirely silent. Music played an important role in its production and exhibition.

Phono-film returns to Toronto

In December 1927, audiences were treated to the return of short sound and talking films dubbed “the revolution of the motion picture” by the Globe & Mail.

The Tivoli – 13 Richmond St. EastThe Bloor – 506 Bloor St. WestThe Eglinton – 400 Eglinton Ave. WestThe Rio – 373 Yonge St.


Regulations in the cinema: One hundred years of film censorship in Ontario


This map features the ‘nabes, movie palaces, theatoriums and nickel shows that has graced Toronto streets, store-fronts and alley-ways since the first flicker of the Lumiere Cinematographe in 1896.

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