About the Editor

My name is Eric Veillette and I am a Toronto-based journalist and television correspondent.

As a journalist, I cover the booze beat for the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper, where I examine business, culture and lifestyle trends within the spirits and cocktail worlds. I also write the weekly “A drink with…” column, gabbing with GTA notables in the city’s most interesting beverages houses. Since 2010, I have also been a regular contributor to the Movies section, covering classic and cult cinema.

My freelancing career at the Star began in 2009 as a contributor to the Sunday Insight section, musing on culture, censorship and ephemera.

I also cover film, TV, tech and sports for Rogers Connected Magazine and film and history in the Globe & Mail’s Globe TO section. In the past, I have contributed to The Grid, CBC Music, Rue Morgue Magazine, Open File, the Canadian Encyclopedia and the NFB. I have also penned obituaries for CBC Music and Rue Morgue.

On television, I have produced reports and appeared as a film correspondent for France 24, most recently during the Toronto International Film Festival.

In the world of silent film, I am a member of Domitor, an international association devoted to the study of early cinema and was a collegian at the 2011 edition of the Giornate del cinema muto, the world’s most important silent film festival, held annually in Pordenone, Italy. As a reporter, I regularly attend various silent cinema events around the world, notably the San Francisco Silent Film Festival.

In 2009 I founded Silent Sundays, a semi-monthly celebration of the silent arts. Accompanied by acclaimed silent pianist William O’Meara, the series is held at the Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles Ave. — an authentic silent film house — and caters to the Revue’s neighbourhood base, offering an assortment of slapstick, adventure and melodrama from a time when silence was still golden. I was its head programmer until 2013.



Feel free to contact me at eric@silenttoronto.com.

Media: I am available for interviews and to comment on all matters relating to the spirits business, early cinema, the history of Canadian film exhibition and theatre architecture.


Toronto Star “A Drink With” column

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