Century Theatre, Hamilton

Those ’50s biblical epics keep popping up on this site. Last weekend, while rummaging through letters and postcards in a Southern Ontario flea market, I found a pile of ticket stubs, mostly from the 1970s, but among them was a reserved-seating ticket to Cecil B. De Mille’s The Ten Commandments (1956), at Hamilton’s Century Theatre.

Interesting timing, really, because the Century was demolished in January, 2010.

The Century was originally named the Lyric and opened as a Vaudeville house in 1913. It was purchased by the Keith-Albee circuit the following year and operated as a cinema until 1989. Its final film  was Lethal Weapon 2. Interesting that they shut down at the beginning of what then became the biggest blockbuster summer of all time.

For over two decades, the building was empty, dormant, neglected by its owners. But thanks to Cinema Treasures, several people have stepped forward with various bits of ephemera, like the ticket stub above, and a Facebook group was set up to document the demolition.

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