Clara Bow at the Uptown Cinema

Get Your Man, a Paramount Picture starring Clara Bow and Charles “Buddy” Rogers, premiered at Toronto’s Uptown Theatre on December 24, 1927. The duo had already appeared together in Wings earlier that same year. The film was your typical mixed-up 20s farce, with Bow trying to win Rogers’ heart. The only problem is that Rogers has been bethrothed to a family friend since childhood, and they’re now set to be married.

The film originally ran for 60 minutes; Unfortunately, the print held by the Library of Congress is missing the second and third of six reels, so until the remnants are unearthed somewhere, we’ll have to wait to see the film in its entirety.

Clara Bow wasn’t the only silent star illuminating the silver screen throughout the holiday season of 1927.  Over at the Pantages, Bebe Daniels could be seen in She’s a Sheik, Lon Chaney in the now-lost London After Midnight at the Loews Yonge St., and at the Regent, Douglas Fairbanks and Lupe Velez in The Gaucho. A silent film lover’s dream, for sure!

For more information on the Uptown, check out a post I wrote over at the Midnight Madness Blog!

Image: Toronto Telegram, Saturday, December 24, 1927.

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