Creepy Classics presents Frankenstein!

Creepy Classics Returns on March 25, 7pm!

The Revue’s examination of early sound horror films continues with Boris Karloff’s defining performance in James Whale’s Frankenstein!

In 1931, two indisputable horror classics were released. While Tod Browning’s Dracula (shown here in November) may have thrilled audiences, it was James Whale’s Frankenstein that truly frightened them. The film even began with a disclaimer spoken by one of its stars, Edward Van Sloan.

It’s a stark, gothic affair, drawing parallels to the German expressionist films of the previous decade. ┬áBoris Karloff, gaunt, ghostly and cadaverous thanks to Jack Pierce’s masterful makeup, played the career-defining role of the Monster stitched together by a mad scientist (played torturously by the tormented Colin Clive).

Rejected by its creator, the Monster wreaks havoc on a nearby town, while a torch-bearing mob — soon to become an iconic staple of classic horror — is on the hunt for both the Monster and its Creator.

The advertisements for Frankenstein’s premiered at the Tivoli Theatre on January 2, 1932 declared that “to see it is to wear the badge of courage” and that it offered no children’s prices — “Frankenstein is a picture for the adult mind” (Don’t worry, kids; we’ll let you in!).

It further disclaimed: “If you have a weak heart or cannot stand excitement, we advise you NOT to see this production. If, on the contrary, like an unusual thrill, you will find it in Frankenstein!”

A 35mm print from Universal’s vaults, Frankenstein will be preceded by a 16mm reel of shorts, cartoons and trailers. Prizes courtesy of Rue Morgue Magazine.

Admission is $7 for members/$10 for non-members. Rated PG. See the Revue Cinema‘s website for more details.

A repeat screening will occur on Saturday, March 28, at 2pm with another Bela Lugosi feature: The Return of Chandu.

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