Zardoz lobby card from Imperial Six

I’m not sure where a Zardoz lobby card from the former Imperial Six on Yonge st. figures in the annals of Sean Connery memorabilia, but it will make a welcome addition to the office wall. If you stare closely enough, you can see the tear-splash of a minor who was denied entry into Cinema 3 by a power-hungry usher when it premiered at the Imperial Six on March 15, 1974.

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2 Responses to “Zardoz lobby card from Imperial Six”

  1. Greg Chown Says:

    Without a doubt, Zardoz has to be the lowest point in Mr. Connery’s career.
    Superman had a villian around the same time called Vartox
    who looks remarkably similar.

  2. Eric Veillette Says:

    I wonder if they gave out free loincloths.

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