Ladies line up near the Uptown Theatre

Here’s a shot from April, 1946, showing a long lineup of ladies as the Uptown Theatre‘s marquee advertises Turhan Bey and Merle Oberon in Universal’s Technicolor spectacle Night in Paradise. The Star‘s Jack Karr called Arthur Lubin’s film “a big, wondrous joke.” The film opened on Wednesday, April 17, 1946. Check out the opening night ad!

But what are the ladies lining up for? [1] Christina Stewart, media archivist at the CNE Archives, supposes they are waiting for a new shipment of nylons at the hosiery shop next to the Uptown — a likely occurrence in the post-ration days after the end of World War II.

Image source: Christina Stewart, CNE Archives.

[1] A correction was made on Friday, November 19. Upon original post, I incorrectly assumed them ladies were lining up to see hunky Turhan Bey. Silent Toronto regrets the error.


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